Our company philosophy


The company philosophy of K&K 95 Kft. is rather simple: we shall turn all of our talent and technological resources to produce fist class brake hoses with which we would contribute to the development of the automotive industry. Keeping in mind the principle of sustainable development we consider it our duty to use the resources in the most effective way and not to burden the environment more than it is necessary. Our colleagues take this philosophy as the guiding principle in their daily work.

Values of the company

    1. Building upon our brand
      We strengthen our image and increase our reputation with the help of a solid and unmistakeable brand. Quality grants our customers’ loyalty. We focus on the quality of our brake hoses, the processes as well as on the proper qualifications of our workers; furthermore we use effective and quality-oriented production processes. We are tirelessly working on producing the products of the market at affordable prices. With our wide range of products we rise above the competitors.
    2. We think in terms of partnerships
      By establishing partnerships based on mutual advantages we conquer the new markets and secure the future success of our company. In close co-operation with our business partners we together try to exploit the possibilities hiding in this expanding and innovative market. The three basic pillars of this partnership are: reliability, confidence and long-term business relationship. The base of our success is the tight and solid network of connections established with our customers, suppliers and the neighbouring institutions. K&K 95 Kft. is constantly aiming for increasing its market share both inside and outside the European Union. We set high expectations for our suppliers in terms of accuracy, quality and favourable price; in return we offer fair, long-term co-operation.
    3. Workers – The ‘engines’ of the company
      We put great emphasis on the continuous training of our colleagues in order that they would meet the challenges of the changing market at the highest level. We provide comfortable and stimulating working environment for our workers, which environment adequately rewards them.
    4. Development and growth

      Everything changes rapidly and constantly on the global market; in this environment the key of survival for the companies is being innovative. We look towards the future and concentrate on the expected market demands. Our wide range of products is developed according to the customers’ demands. Our ability to be innovative and the ever-wider scope of technological improvements are considered to be the base of our strategic development and the key of our long-term success. It is our quick reaction to the customers’ needs that places us above our competitors.

    5. Sustainable daily activities
      We perform our everyday activities ethically, responsibly and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. Minimizing the harmful impact on the environment and improving the social welfare are our important aims. K&K 95 Kft. is a fair and responsible regional employer, taxpayer and member of the local community. Our aim is to work in a way to be capable of ensuring the needs of the company and the environment without causing any negative effects for the generations to come. Our intention is to perform all our activities in complete conformity with the latest knowledge related to the protection of our ecological system and its cycles.