Карьера, вакансии


Мы постоянно ищем сотрудников, которые могут помочь нашему росту. Если Вы не нашли вакансию, соответствующую Вашим критериям, вы можете также подать и заявление без указания должности.


  • Mechanic
    We are looking for applicants who are experienced in repairing parts of precision machinesand capable of performing precise work requiring continuous concentration.
  • Engine fitter/Toolmaker:
    We need staff members with professional experience and technical qualification and being extremely careful in his job for operating our custom-made single-purpose machines and extruders.
  • Braiding machine operator:
    We are looking for operators who would undertake to work in three- or four-shift work schedule. Having some rope making experience is a definite advantage.
  • Low capacity boiler operator:
    We need a professional for operating a boiler with capacity of 270 kW. Expected qualification: low capacity boiler operator / boiler operator/ boiler mechanic with NQR (National Qualification Register) certificate.
  • Heavy or light machine operator:
    We are looking for an operator with appropriate NQR (National Qualification Register) certificate for a rotating crane with 1 ton of loading capacity.