Brake hose


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brake hose structure


Inner rubber layer EPDM
First fabric layer PVA
Middle rubber layer EPDM
Second fabric layer PVA
Outer rubber layer EPDM


Qualitive compatibility:

Flexible brake hose for hydraulic non-petroleum based brake systems of road vehicles, manufactured according to standards SAE J 1401 and FMVSS 106. Marking: SAE J 1401 1/8 HL. Same quality as original products!

Applicable technical parameters:

  • Inside, nominal diameter: less than 4 mm
  • Test pressure:
    • air: 10.3 MPa – 14.5 MPa / not less than 10, not more than 25 sec
    • brake fluid: 20.7 MPa – 24.8 MPa / not less than 10, not more than 25 sec
  • Bursting pressure: minimum 49 MPa
  • Tensile strength test:
    • more than 1446 N, at 25±3 mm/min stretching rate
    • more than 1646 N, at 50±3 mm/min stretching rate

Field of application:

Hydraulic brake systems of road vehicles, passenger cars, vans, off-road vehicles and some types of motorcycles, depending on the vintage (production year), fuel type and brake system. More than 2700 types, unique and kitting presentation, small and big series as well.